The Gerard Team Blog: What Your Mom, Dad, Grandfather, or Grandmother Can Still Teach You

What Your Mom, Dad, Grandfather, or Grandmother Can Still Teach You


70 Years since Pearl Harbor and the US entered World War II. Even though many of the Greatest Generation have left us for a better place, I think they still have a lot to teach us.


If they were your parents, or in my case grandparents, you can remember the habits that you thought were a bit excessive: After about 3 minutes of long distance, my grandparents would say, “I don’t want to run up your phone bill!” Or, I could count on my grandparents driving the same car up from Florida every year for at least 10 years – and it was still in great shape! And my grandparents didn’t stop working until all the work was done!


It seems what was old is new again. Here’s a list of just a few things the Greatest Generation helps us remember:


  • Save up your money before you buy something.
  • Take good care of it and make it last even if it isn’t the best of its kind.
  • Make yourself a budget and stick to it.
  • Work hard and don’t be a martyr about it.
  • Satisfaction comes from within not from others.
  • Set a good example for your kids and give them consequences for their poor choices so they can learn.


If you had or have a parent or grandparent in the Greatest Generation I’m sure you have these and other examples for us to live by. Feel free to share some if you like!

As we're marketed to by multi-million dollar ad campaigns designed to train us to accept more debt, or think that we're better than those around us, or to feel that taking the easy path to parenting is the right way to go,all we need to do is come back to the common sense thinking that these simple and intelligent people showed us the whole time.

Comment balloon 3 commentsNate Gerard • December 08 2011 11:46PM


Good stuff Nate. My Grandfather who passed away last year at the ripe old age of 100, always paid cash for everything he bought. He passed those values on to my Mom, who passed them on to me and my siblings. Not so easy to live that way these days, but the message is loud and clear. We can learn a lot from those who walked before us.

Posted by Jeff Markell, Branch Manager/Mortgage Consultant/Reverse Mtg. (Empire Home Loans Inc.) almost 9 years ago

Our forefthers can teach us a lot and we sould be much better off if we took their advice.

Posted by Randi Brammer, Accountant & Tax Preparer (Randi Brammer, Acctg.) almost 9 years ago

This is just plain solid advice.  If more people did this we would be in a lotless trouble

Posted by Vern Eaton, Realtor 651-674-7449 almost 9 years ago