The Gerard Team Blog: Staying Positive Around Negatve People

Staying Positive Around Negatve People

This is a realization that I wanted to get out there to the community!

I was in line to pick up my kids from school and I was stopped at a point where other cars may need to get through to get out to the road. This happens every day since the traffic gets backed up out of the school parking lot. Most people avoid the area since they know what happens and there are three other ways of getting out of the neighborhood.

Today someone decided that they would try to get out and they ended up behind me. There I was, I couldn't move forward and I couldn't back up. The line would move in 1 to 2 minutes so the problem would be solved. However, there he was, laying on his horn like I could do something about the situation.

I found myself feeling upset that I couldn't move forward. When the line did move, my positive attitude had all but vanished. "How dare he?" I thought, and "How selfish?!" I told myself. Before I knew it I picked up my kids and I realized something. What should have been the happiest time of my day was not very happy.

So I did something about it. Two random acts of kindness on our way home. I found that the best way to recapture my positive attitude when someone has tried to squash it is to be kind to someone!

Try it! The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, call your friend and tell them how much you appreciate them. Or pay the toll for the person behind you in line... you get the idea.

Overall, find a way to MAINTAIN the positive attitude you work hard to create every day!

I would love to hear any of your tactics or stories of overcoming the challenges.

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